How to get an Affordable Wardrobe Installation in Penrith

If you’re out of room and don’t have any closet or storage space, we can assist. For years, the team of designers at Above and Beyond have been satisfying customers. Our dedicated team of professionals offer complete wardrobe installations in Penrith and the surrounding areas. We also design and install custom kitchens, joinery and wardrobes, each made in our state of the art factory.

Since we offer complete wardrobe installations in Penrith and the greater Sydney areas, we can create a unique scheme that includes colours and design to match your space and style. We guarantee our clients will experience a complete and seamless installation process, with as little disruption to your routine as possible.

First, we will schedule an appointment within your time frame and work with you to demolish any existing materials. Then, we collaborate with you to quickly install the new kitchen or wardrobe so you can become organised. Also, if requested, we can work with your preferred tradespeople or we will utilise our professional team and complete the project on time and with minimal interruption to your life.

Our products are created with your tastes in mind. We offer a team that takes your needs into consideration and carefully adheres to your specifications and budget. From wardrobe installations that house numerous articles, to smaller spaces for kids in Penrith, we have you covered. Give us a call today on 9829 1146 and let’s get started.